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Ronald Allen Gagg
January 26, 1962 — March 12, 2014



Ronald Allen Gagg passed away on Wednesday March 12, 2014, at the age of 52. Ron lived in Port Orchard, WA. He was a highly respected construction professional, instrumental in building landmarks in Las Vegas, NV and Washington State. Formally from Nashville, IN, where the street “Salmeron” was named after him and his two other siblings. Ron was loved especially by his family and respected by his colleagues and he will be sorely missed. Ron is survived by his five children, Rochelle Gagg, Rockne Gagg, Roman Gagg, Elaina Morris, Daisy Swiers and his two grandchildren Jordan and Joshua Swiers. His siblings Raymond Gagg, Sally Wyatt and Merry Gagg and the mother of his children, Michelle. Preceeded in death by his mother, Janice Skweres, Gig Harbor, WA and his father, Robert A. Gagg, Las Vegas, NV.

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  1. I knew Ron for about 20 years, working with him many times during our construction careers, for a variety of companies. He was a friend whom I last saw a week or so before his death. I am sorry that he is gone, I have some good memories of our time together. He was a knowledgeable construction professional, a nice guy, and seemed devoted to his family.

    May God grant the family peace in this time of great loss.

  2. I met Ron because of our construction lives, but will always remember him best for our fishing trips! He was a pleasure to know and will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this difficult time.

  3. My uncle Ron was one of a kind. All I can say is music in my life was only opened up to me when I was introduced to it thru my uncle Ron’s excitement about it! Pink Floyd is one of many he loved so much and I had the pleasure of going to a concert in Indianapolis in the mid 2000′s ! Roger Waters to be exact. You see it was all so perfect how it worked out. First of all let me give u the back story, my uncle Ron had been planing this trip to Indianapolis from Washington for a while and he was coming to spend his time with one of his best friends brian, and they both would be sitting almost dead front and center….. And I, living in indiananapolis at that time heard about this concert from some random guy I had met and cut his hair off of the new cool we sight MySpace lol. And he and I went down to the ticket office with no line opening day and when I bought my ticket I kept calling the concert THE ROGER WALTERS TOUR. And if my uncle Ron ever knew I had no idea what I was purchasing and no idea how to say his name rite he would have laughed soooooo hard at me ….
    I can’t remember exactly how the two of us realized we would both be at the same concert but we had connected on our cell phones and had made plans to meet up at the concert!!
    It started at seven on a day (that all week long it had been storming hard) a day that turned out oh so beautiful. They said it was going to rain but that morning the sky had the most beautiful fluffy shape shifting clouds in it and the most perfect tempature ,no humittity, and it got better as the concert time came closer….
    Now my uncle Ron was still on track with his friend to his amazing seats and I was on my was too, except of course without MySpace hair cut guy and with one of my besties Nate and a…..(sorry family) A mushroom the size of my hand , and I have big hands….and it was all mine. I was in good hands ….
    After some parking lot pimping and still waiting on the start of the concert we made our way in. Still waiting on my uncle I ate my treat and walked thru the main gates and now my two man group had turned into a group of six new found friends that we made at our parked and now all of us find the best spot in the grass dead center.
    I get the call and can’t hardly use my phone but I am sooooo excited not only to be experiencing the pink orange and yellow sky’s with these amazing clouds still lingering but MY UNCLE RON IS CALLING ME!!!!!! He’s here he’s here it’s all I could say and then everything STOPPED …. The music BEGAN and he and I both knew what to do ….enjoy every moment.
    I think I called him back between every break I had COMPLEETLY emersed in what I was hearing and seeing.
    THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON was what we were hearing and to be honest I had no idea I had Actualy heard ALL of these songs ,the entire record , until this concert moment. And I am sure it was from my uncle Ron’s house at some point in my childhood. I know for a fact I called him durring WISH YOU WERE HERE and told him I was so stuck in my spot that I wished I could come find him but just couldn’t. ( I never moved once from my blanket, but man oh man a lot if people came and met me).
    I never got to find my uncle ron that day but he would have told you the same thing.
    WE went to the Roger Waters concert together, AND IT WAS THE BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! (Well I’m sure he has seen more)but truely it was a unique experience and I am soooo happy that my uncle Ron was a HUGE PART of that day!!!

    I always loved you uncle Ron and always will…..your life was rich with love and you spent your best years laughing and smiling and enriching people with music and fun!!! You have no idea how missed you are by so many and I hope your enjoying the red orange and yellow sky and puffy shape shifting clouds…..we sure do wish you were here!!!

  4. Dear Michelle, Rockne, Roman and Rochelle, I am so very sorry for the loss. I am out of state and just happened to come across this very sad news. My heart is with all of you. There are no words that can help, other than I care very much for all of you and I also mourn for your great loss. Look to God for comfort, you will find it there. Love always, Cheryl

  5. I worked with Ron for a little over a year and he was always able to make a difficult job enjoyable. His great stories and his quick wit never left a dull moment. He was always very supportive and willing to help out anyone who was in trouble. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family in this difficult time. He will be greatly missed.

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